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Change Log

Product Updates

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  • New Feature
    UX Update


    Improved job and file management for your contacts

    Efficiently manage jobs and file transfers with our simplified navigation, allowing seamless switching between jobs, contacts and companies to view and handle their respective tasks, resulting in fast and hassle-free access to relevant information, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort.

    You can now also group contacts that work at the same company in order to view and manage all their jobs and file transfers in one place.

  • UX Update


    You can now edit job names and references

    Simply navigate to the job and click the job name or reference to make changes.

  • New Feature


    Automated Chaser Emails: Keep your Production Schedule on Track

    You can now automatically prompt your customers to perform any necessary actions required to fulfil their printing orders, saving you time and reducing administrative burdens. Keep your production schedule on track and streamline your workflow with our new automated chaser emails.

  • Integration


    Create automated workflows with our Automations.io integration

    We are excited to announce that Artworker has now been integrated with Automations.io, a powerful workflow automation service.

    With this new integration, you can create automated workflows that cater to your specific requirements, helping you save precious time and enhance productivity. You can also effortlessly connect with popular applications like Hubspot, Google Drive, Xero, and Mailchimp.

    Try out this powerful integration today and take your workflow to the next level.

  • New Feature


    We've released our open API

    You can now build custom integrations between Artworker and your MIS, Web2Print, CRM and other software tools with the release of our open API.

    Easily create API keys and webhooks in your settings. Read our Documentation

  • New Feature


    Added assets & archive sections

    We understand that files can come in all shapes, sizes, and formats from your customers. Some incoming files may be incorrect, irrelevant, or unnecessary to complete the job.

    To help you manage these different types of files, we've created two new sections on the job page: Assets and Archive.

    The Assets section is where you can store files that are unnecessary for completing the job but may be helpful in the future. Examples include source files and brand assets such as logos.

    In contrast, the Archive section is where you can move files that are no longer relevant. Archiving a file will preserve a log of any notes or actions that have occurred.

    When performing an artwork review, use the file toolbar to move files into the assets and archive folders. You can also preview any archived files or assets from the job overview page.

  • New Feature


    Personalise the background on your file sharing page

    You can now take your file-sharing page to the next level with a personalised background image or colour 🙌

     It's an easy way to keep your page on-brand and make it stand out.